Live Like Tony Stark, Iron Man


Tony Stark, or Iron Man, is one of the most colorful and badass superhero characters out there. He is smart, gets the ladies, has some of the coolest gadgets ever created and of course is a member of The Avengers. Although his lifestyle may seem somewhat far-fetched, I have done some serious research into how you can replicate some of the aspects in life on a more reasonable budget.

Tony’s house is almost fully automated. Here are some products you can buy now that will help you achieve a decent level of home automation. Unfortunately a Jarvis-type substitute is still unavailable.

Nest Learning Thermostat- This thermostat allows you to control your home’s HVAC system using your iPhone or a web interface. Overtime it learns your habits and behaviors and will automatically heat and cool your home as necessary. It has a kickass interface and looks super sexy.


Philips Hue- This kit of LED light bulbs will give you total control over the lighting in your home. The lights can change color on the fly and are controlled via your iPhone or iPad. You can even control the lights while you are away or use images stored on your iPad to set the mood.

Leap Motion Controller- Tony Stark is often seen using a 3D controlled system in his workshop. Although it is not really possible to reproduce his workstation using off-the-shelf technology you can pre-order a Leap Motion Controller which lets you control your desktop PC simply by motioning in front of it. Think of it as a Microsoft Kinect for your workstation instead of your gaming station.

Out On The Town
Tony is always on the go. Here are some great services and gadgets that can help you when you are out on the town.

Uber- A simple application for your phone that allows you to summon a black car or SUV at a moments notice! All of the payment is processed through a credit card you have on record and the tip is built in. In my experience it is often only a few dollars more than taking a cab and  orders of magnitude better. If you click HERE you can get $10 off your first ride, so there is really no reason not to try it yourself!

The fine folks over at iDownloadBlog did a video review of the service. Check it out!

American Express Platinum Card- This is the card one step below the famed Centurion (or black) card, but thankfully offers many of the same benefits which include…

  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Personal Concierge
  • Access to American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts

Plus many, many more.

Brian Kelly, The Points Guy wrote an awesome post about the card on his blog. Definitely worth a read.


A Custom Tailored Suit- Indochino is a company that will custom tailor a suit for you at an incredible price. Their company is 100% based online and the way it works is pretty genius…

First they send you a kit with various fabric samples as well as a measurement kit. You measure yourself, send back your measurements and select the suit you want them to custom make for you. Within 4 weeks the suit will arrive at the door! Simple as that!


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